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Want to make it easier to get people to choose your training course? You can. By becoming an FME Certified Trainer, you’ll receive instant credibility in your field as a knowledgeable FME instructor.

What are the benefits of this designation

As an FME Certified Trainer, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

Who is this designation for?

This designation is open to Safe Software Solution Providers and Value Added Resellers who are experienced FME users. Please note that certification is allocated to a specific individual, not to an organization.

Will I qualify for this designation?

To successfully apply, you must be an employee of a Safe Software Solution Provider or Value Added Reseller, have completed a minimum of three days of FME training (or equivalent) taught by an FME Certified Trainer or an individual at a recognized instructional facility, AND must hold valid FME Certified Professional status.

As part of the application process, you’ll be asked to do the following:

To maintain your accreditation you must also agree to:

Individuals serious about applying are encouraged to read through the full guidelines and processes.

How much does certification cost?

With the FME Certified Trainer designation, there are no application fees or renewal costs. However, you may need to pay any expenses associated with your course audit.

For more information and to apply, visit the partner portal.