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Discover Where We’re Headed This Autumn: Exciting Events & Adventures Await

Safe Software is a global presence at trade shows and conferences, journeying to corners far and wide. Our passion? Engaging in conversations about FME, data integration, and cutting-edge enterprise solutions spanning a multitude of industries. Wherever there’s a dialogue on data, we’re there, excited to share, learn, and innovate.


Check out some of the events we’ll be at this Fall:


Sept 5-7:


  • Peak of Data Integration 2023
    • For the first time, Safe Software is bringing the Peak of Data Integration to Europe! Co-hosted with con terra, we invite you to join us from September 5-7 in Bonn, Germany, for the largest gathering of FME users yet. Dive deep into data discussions, connect with fellow data enthusiasts and experts, and receive hands-on training from leading FME experts. 


Sept 20-21: 

  • Big Data London
    • The UK’s leading free to attend data, analytics & AI conference and exhibition, hosting leading data, analytics & AI experts, ready to arm you with the tools to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy. 

*Safe Software is a Silver Sponsor, Brian Pont will be giving a 30 minute seminar titled: “Spatial Data: The Missing Piece in the Modern Data Stack”, and the Safe Software team can be found at Booth #845


  • ESRI GIS Netherlands
    • The Esri GIS Conference is the largest annual GIS event in the Netherlands. In 2023 the Esri GIS Conference will be held in Rotterdam

*Safe Software is an exhibitor at this event and can be found at Booth #1


Sept 26: 

  • The AI Conference 
    • Join a thriving, tech-driven AI community for two days of captivating talks, interactive workshops, and dynamic networking opportunities.

* Safe Software will have delegates attending this event


Oct 10:

  • Esri Infrastructure (IMGIS)
    • Join professionals specializing in infrastructure management from several interconnected industries–architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC); electric; gas; telecommunications; and water.

* Safe Software is an exhibiting sponsor and can be found at Booth #531 


Oct 18:

  • Big Data & AI Toronto
    • For its 9th edition, the Canadian #1 Tech Event will bring together the entire Big Data & AI industry in North America for a deep dive into what comes next!

*Safe Software is an exhibitor at this event can be found at Booth #A18


Oct 24:

  • AES
    • The Augmented Enterprise Summit is the largest, longest-running, and most comprehensive event dedicated to the business and industrial applications of AR/VR/MR (XR) and other metaverse-related emerging technologies.

*Safe Software is an exhibitor at this event and can be found at Booth #13


Nov. 6-8:

  • Trimble Dimensions
    • Discover the network effect of Dimensions and unleash the power of the Trimble products you use.

*Safe Software is a Gold Level Sponsor of this event


Nov. 14-15:

  • Big Data & Analytics West Summit
    • Join the 4th Annual Big Data & Analytics West Summit this November! Network and collaborate with leading data experts from a wide variety of industry sectors across Western Canada.

*Safe Software is a Diamond Level Sponsor of this event and can be found at Booth #16


Nov. 22-24:

    • The region’s largest GIS conference! From planning, designing, and managing the built world to advancing science, education, and action, GIS is the cornerstone for creating the world you want to see.

*Safe Software is a Bronze Level Sponsor of this event and can be found at Booth #5


Nov. 28-29:

  • INSPIRE Conference 2023
    • The 2023 INSPIRE conference provides an excellent opportunity to consult the community of stakeholders on the initial findings of the GreenData4All impact assessment and possible policy options for the evolution of the INSPIRE Directive into a key instrument to populate the Green Deal Data Space with relevant data. The conference also aims to bridge the gap between green and digital and wants to bring together the different thematic communities.

*Safe Software will have delegates attending this event and Dean Hintz will be giving a seminar titled: “Safe Software Perspective on the EU Digital Landscape: Current Trends, Ongoing Challenges and Future Opportunities”


We also have several international events hosted by our partners – check out which Partner Events are taking place near you!